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Purchasing Information

When you decide on a piece you would like to purchase, please contact me via email or through Facebook with the name of the painting you would like to purchase, as well as your name and contact information.

I can accept payment by Apple Pay, Paypal, or cash, and we will arrange this via email when we arrange delivery.

I will price out shipping on a case by case basis, as shipping costs vary greatly based on size and location.

If you are in the Ames area, I am happy to arrange to meet with you at a local library or coffee shop to deliver your purchase, or you may pick it up from my home studio. 

Some pieces may be on display in local businesses or galleries at the time you wish to purchase them. If this is the case, I will inform you of it. In some cases, we can meet at the location where it is on display and you may take it home from there. In other cases, it may need to stay up for the duration of the exhibit and I will arrange to deliver it at the close of the exhibit. Certain pieces may also be committed to upcoming exhibits and may not be available until they are released from those venues.

I would love to discuss commissioned pieces with you, so please contact me with your commission ideas! I price my paintings by size, and commissions cost an additional 20% for the additional time and work that goes into creating a custom piece.

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