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Art Show in a Time of Corona

I've been excited for months preparing for my first show, and wouldn't you know it, it happened to fall right in the midst of everything closing down for the Coronavirus. I recognize that this is such a small thing in the grand scheme of what people are facing during this time, but I'll admit I was pretty disappointed.

My show was scheduled to go up at Cafe Diem here in Ames, IA on March 29, and a week or so before that I contacted the owner and asked what she wanted me to do. The cafe was still open with reduced hours, but only for carry out or pick up orders, and to my surprise she asked me to go ahead and put it up!

So it didn't end up being what I had hoped and expected for a first show, but it's up and if nothing else it's adding color and joy to the employees' days.

I have several more shows scheduled for the next year, as well as some exhibits that I've applied to be considered for and an online publication that will be featuring my work. I'm excited for what's coming, even though I'm aware that we just don't know how much will be closed or cancelled over the next year or so.

Since my show won't be getting as much foot traffic as expected, I'm including a video that I took when I put it up. I hope you enjoy it even though a video isn't quite the same as being there. Please excuse my awkward narration. I seem to have had trouble talking and walking around at the same time.

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